3 Teewe Devices Giveaway [CLOSED]


Teewe is a HDMI Dongle which when plugged to your T.V. can play Youtube Videos, Movies, Live TV and can also play files from your Phone, Just Install its app on your phone and you are good to go. It works on wi-fi and doesn’t require any other things so it is completely hassle free. Watch our Review of the Product Here. So wanna win 1 for free? Just Participate In the GIveaway.

You need to share this Link with the hashtag #technokickgiveaway, By this you will let us know about your entry, and you will get 3+ entries.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

You need to be a citizen of India and Teewe would be shipping it to only India.

This Giveaway is powered by Teewe in association with Technokick and Jay Kapoor.





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The results are announced Randomly from random.org

  • Chetan Tuteja


    • Dhairyadev


      • Abijith Warrier


        • Suresh Thevar

          hui :3

  • Dhairyadev


  • Abijith Warrier

    To get social media streaming

  • supreethbharadwaj343

    to get my mom a stream of serials from youtube! <3

  • Dweep Vaidya

    Seems to be a great device. Can’t wait to try it out.

  • Apram Lamba

    Not used the device yet so can’t tell abt what does it need to improve. Bt it would be great if it is fast and works without glitch and has a nice app that supports mirroring

  • Swapneel Kumar

    To be able to download stuff like YouTube videos for offline viewing.

  • Jay Kapoor

    i wish if i can ….

  • Sreekant Shenoy

    I am in..! 😀

  • Karan Bansal

    shld be glitched free

  • Atyender Pal Singh

    I have not used the device yet so I can’t exactly tell what Improvement should be done. But one feature I have noticed that it does not have is that it can’t cast mobile screen to TV. Just like Screencast, I would like to see this feature in Teewe so we can view our mobile screen on it. And I think more people will buy it if it will have this feature. Overall, its a grear device and I like it very much. I would like to get one.


    Teewee should stream without framedrops!!

  • Jatin

    Great useful device I am Buying a new Sony LED. full HD TV so I wish must have This

  • Pulkit

    This is one of the best and the cheapest device to convert a led to a super led and its good to see that its mate in India 🙂 !! Hope i will win one!!!

  • Kkumar Bhanu

    it would be great enough if the price shoul be lower from it is not,as we know indian market is a very price conscious market,they need better product at competent price.
    but all in all its a good bet to buy Teewe Hdmi.
    thanks for giveaway.

  • Piyush

    Nice Admin
    awsome work bro
    its will help me to see your videos in my tv
    i hope i will be a winner

  • Sam’s TechBite

    it should get the screen casting feature !

  • gomathi sankar

    Without using the device, what improvement can be highlighted?. However, it should enable 3d along with socail media streaming

  • Abhishek Anand Vishwakarma

    Waiting eagerly for this 🙂

  • although we are not having the device now, but we have got one with our friend and we got to use it, the TeeWe was little slow and hence you should improve its speed.

  • miit

    Hope I win

  • miit

    Never used it. Trying it for the first time!

  • Abdul Mubeen

    i am in

  • Ysak Menon

    cant really suggest before using the device.. will surely comment if won

  • DrKathan Acharya

    I haven’t used the device yet looks amashing lets hope i win this and could use this device…thanks in advance

  • Rohan Mehta

    i m surprised to know +Teewe Ninja is an Indian Company !! great endeavor ..

  • Kobid Kunda

    it should support screen casting and more of apps

  • Ashish Srivastava

    It should be able to cast screen on TV ;_;

  • Abhishek

    Hope I will win.

  • Shaikh Juned

    loving this device to use it. With Best price tag And compare to chrome cast.

  • Satnam Singh Pahwa

    Hope I get this device…need this badly!

  • I wish that it must get Screen Cast Facility…..
    No frame drops while streaming.

  • geekypratik


  • Akashlal Bathe

    Great giveaway! Hope to win this TV :p

  • Dinesh Sd

    First Am very Happy that it is an Indian Product……..it uses mobile as a remote to control it.
    it will be nice if it as inbuilt apps like youtube……. and control it will some other remote devices…
    So that it can replace Chromecast,Mi box etc

  • Harshit Chaudhari

    fast buffering of live tv

  • Kalpesh Bhoir

    If we could watch YouTube videos directly from YouTube app itself, that would be great! Just like Google Chromecast.

  • Rishabh Pahwa

    This is probably the best shit ever. Chromecast is history.

  • VIshal

    The device is just awesome. An innovative idea by the developer. Furthermore, I would like to add some suggestion that it should come with a standalone os so that it does not uses any phone i.e. if the phone is unavailable we can stream videos easily.

    • Nishant Sethi

      Once u give the command to the teewe, u can even drop your phone off, it will continue streaming as it should

  • muskan

    haven’t used the device yet 😐
    but saw that giveaway video on youtube *-*
    damm *-*

  • Luckie Verma

    play COC on tv….full screen fun…awesome

  • Luckie Verma

    its not my clash of clans account….its my friends
    account….BTW i am TH8

  • ankit

    A good device, it will be fun to test it

  • Devaraj

    What is the difference between Chromecast and Teewe?

  • Aayush Thakore

    I love this device. I don’t see any improvement I would want to see in it as it is simply perfect.

  • lakshman

    thanks for the giveway 🙂

  • I don’t know if we can install apps in Teewe, but I think it’ll be awesome if we can 🙂

  • devendra bhatt

    very nice alternative to cromecast. i haven’t used tewe so i cant comment on device but otherwise great thinking. appreciated


    I wish but how you will select winner?

  • srikanth kantheti

    i wish if i can….