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    CM12 for OnePlus 2 : Best custom ROM for the OnePlus Two A2003

    OnePlus has made a great hype with the OnePlus 2. Now as the OnePlus 2 has released people have started developing several Custom ROMS for the OnePlus 2. OnePlus had CyanogenMod on the installed on the OnePlus One and it was one of the biggest factor behind the great success of it. CyanogenMod for OnePlus 2 A2003, A2001 The CM12 we have today is still in Beta state but belive me, It is one of the best Beta ROM I have seen thanks to its devloper, @GRARAK. Almost everything works except the finger print scanner and the laser focus. Overall the experience is great and you won’t find any such…

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    Moto X Play Vs OnePlus Two: Which one to buy?

    It’s been a wonderful year so far, with many flagship devices and budget-friendly devices announced through out the year and at IFA. Where Motorola unveiled their Moto X Play, which has just been announced in India. Around the same price range, OnePlus Two is also available. So, which one should YOU buy? Let’s break it down spec-per-spec and feature-per-feature. Moto X Play Vs OnePlus Two Design & Hardware The Moto X Play comes in at a hefty 170g (Grams), with the dimensions coming in at 150 x 75mm, with the thickest part of the phone (center) at 10.9mm and the slimmest part of the phone (edges) at 8.9mm. The phone…

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    OnePlus 2 gets a new OTA update 1508211811 Oxygen OS 2.0.2

    OnePlus a company which has made a hype for its new device the OnePlus 2 has today released a new OTA/ On the Air update for their so-called “flagship killer”. The OnePlus 2 had got 2 updates before this update which mainly made finger recognition effective. This update has the same story, It updates the finger print scanners recognition, and does some few tweaks. The update is only 8.9MB and so far the OS feels stable, no such bugs.   After the update, the phone has got Oxygen OS 2.0.2 which means that with everytime a OTA update comes, the version will be upgraded. The improvements which this OTA will do…

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    Tutorial – How to get a OnePlus 2 invite in India

    OnePlus One was one of the best flagships of past two years, known as the flagship killer and can be seen with a lot of people. As the OnePlus 2 has launched, OnePlus says that they have a better invite system than before, in the first lot there will be more than 100,000 OnePlus 2 on sale and will go like that. So over 800,000 people have registered and there is a huge demand of the OnePlus 2. In India only the 64GB version OnePlus 2 will be there that means you can get your hands on to a OnePlus 2 for around 25,000 Indian Rupees, For a phone with…

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    Guide : Boot OnePlus 2 into Bootloader/ Fastboot

    Finally OnePlus has launched their new flagship, the OnePlus 2 however it comes with OnePlus’s Oxygen OS which can not be everyone’s choice. So today we are going to tell you how to Boot your OnePlus 2 in to bootloader or Fastboot so as to install a custom Rom. With fastboot mode, one can easily run the ADB commands from the PC and manage the Phone. With Fastboot mode, one can easily lock and unlock the bootloader and install the custom Recovery. The process is very easy and takes a few seconds, yes few second to boot any phone into bootloader mode. You can enter the bootloader mode with two methods, in one…

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    OnePlus One 64GB unboxed available on Overcart.com for 16,999

    Overcart is back again with its OnePlus One unboxed units sale. Like last time, it will be the OnePlus One 64GB variant, which will be priced at Rs 16,999 while a brand new unit costs Rs 21,998. Overcart had a sale on 19th may which was a big success according to them. Unboxed phones are those phones which users bought but they returned it back maybe because of a defect or they simply didn’t like the device. Overcart is the first brand in India to have tapped the unboxed and refurbished products space in an organised way. The company helps streamline the supply chain for such products by providing an avenue…

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    OnePlus launches it’s 10,000mAh Powerbank

    Today, OnePlus has launched the OnePlus Power Bank in India. A 10000mAh portable power source, the Power Bank will be available on Amazon.in at Rs 1399, in Silk White and Sandstone Black.  OnePlus Powerbank is one of the best available 10,000 mAh Powerbank right now. Inside it is 4 lithium-polymer batteries. It gives a output of 5V/2A which we can not really see in those conventional powerbanks. It can charge two devices at a same time thanks to its dual USB ports. It has LEDs which let us know how much more it can charge. According to OnePlus, their Powerbank can charge their flagship, the OnePlus One more than 4 times. It has many safety features…

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    OnePlus ends Invites System – Will be on open Sale Forever!

    Today OnePlus announced to go Invite free for OnePlus One forever, which means you don’t need to have an invite to buy the beast, You can directly go to the online partner and buy it. They posted this picture on their Facebook Page. Last week OnePlus released a teaser of something getting released on 20th which is today, their event has not yet started. Lets see what have they got for us this time. Leaks suggest that they may release a small 4.7″ OnePlus phone which would be running Oxygen OS out of the box. OnePlus One is selling for 299$ for 16GB and 349$ for 64GB version Internationally. Since…

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    OnePlus banned in India because of Micromax plea

    Yesterday Delhi high court ordered the Chinese manufacturer OnePlus to stop importing their phones and selling in India as, The Chinese manufacturer is releasing a cynogen powered phone which is intervening the agreement of Micromax Yu and Cynogen. However they OnePlus can end up their stock. They are currently selling their flagship killer, OnePlus One, it’s powered by a snapdragon Qualcomm chipset with 3 gigs of ram and adreno 450 gpu. H.C. is likely to remove next year in January. Micromax is releasing its new phone “Yu” which is Cynogen powered. Cynogen is a ROM maker and is known for the ability to customize it.

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    Finally OnePlus arrives in India with a BANG!!!

    The OnePlus Team has Confirmed that One Plus will be going to sell Their Phones In india through Amazon. OnePlus will Release OnePlus One in the end of december and India will be amongst the first to get OnePlus two. It will be released in mid of April Next year.  In other countries, they sell via invites but in India, They are doing something else. You Have to register at Amazon for the Sale and then you will get your One plus One invite if you are lucky enough, you have to enter your Invite code in amazon, and you will get Your OnePuls One. Later they will be selling…