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    HTC Announced Its Mid Range Competitor in Smartphone Battle: 64Bit SoC

    Premium Smartphone Ace firm,HTC announced its Desire 510,(so called 1st 64bit Soc droid)a midrange Smartphone that boasts 1.2GHz quad Core Snapdragon 410 Processor coupled with adreno 306…. Desire 510 features 1GB of RAM and 8 GB of Internal Storage and Card extension option available upto 128 GB…. Coming to camera, Front snapper packs 5MP(Flash)with HD Recording and front comes with VGA 510 comes with LTE(4G) Option and Kitkat 4.4 out of the box yet no info about the L update…. Other features including 4.7 inch FWVGA Display with 208 Pixels per inch…. This is the part which 510 lacks behind all qHD displays…. 510 comes with Usual features like Bluetooth…

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    Android Browsing Solutions

    The moment a guy or a girl get a new smartphone (Mostly Android these days!) the first thought coming to their mind is ‘Fast Internet’ this thought is generally killed by the 3G internet packs which are usually too heavy for the Indian teenagers pockets. Worry no more! Here are a few easy hacks to make your 2G browsing and downloading a bit less painful. Fist step is to understand this things wont give your 2G EDGE lightening fast speed, these tricks are a result experience of years of android usage. Everyone has to understand no single browser can fulfil all your needs, you have to use a bunch of…

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    Welcome to the Xiaomi land! (Psst, it is also called India)

    Xiaomi is that one company which made all the other smart phone manufacturing company think before releasing their new phone after Motorola made them bad and Xiaomi now plans to make it worst by soon launching the long awaited Xiaomi Redmi 1S and the Mi Power Banks. Lets stare at those specs for a while. Xiaomi Redmi 1S :- Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8228 Quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A7 Adreno 305 IPS LCD 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches (~312 ppi pixel density) capacitive touchscreen 8 MP camera with autofocus and LED flash Android v4.3 (Jelly Bean) (Seriously?) Li-Ion 2000 mAh battery 1GB RAM Price :- Rs 6999 Set to be launched at…

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    Free Wifi in New Delhi

    Good news for all the Delhities. Its a big initiative by New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) Khan market in Delhi is the first area where People can avail this Facility and soon Connaught place will get this service by the end of this month.This service is provided by Tata Docomo and Vodafone Partnered with NDMC. 

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    Improving the Wikipedia experience on Android

    Wikipedia is the most useful site in the recent times. It is well formatted and well organized when we browse it through PC or laptop. But when it comes to browsing wiki on Android mobile, it sucks because of the very long pages. And also it is different to switch from one link to the other. So here we look into some android apps that gives the best wiki experience on your android device. The things we required from a good wikipedia app are: Searching within the content. Offline support. Better Readability and ease of navigation.  Wikipedia’s Official App: This is the Official app developed by Wikipedia. It is better than browsing…

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    Android KitKat Now Running on Over 20 Percent of Android Devices: Google

    KitKat, the latest publicly available version of Google’s Android mobile and tablet operating system, is now running on over 20 percent of Android devices that check into Google Play.The Mountain View giant, sharing the Google Play distribution data of Android devices with different versionsof the operating system for the 7-day period ending August 12, show that the share KitKat is receiving steady rise when it comes to the latest version of the OS while a steady decline as far as the previous version Jelly Bean goes. According to the data released on the Android Developers’webpage, Android 4.4.x KitKatclimbed up the chartsfrom 17.9 percent in the corresponding 7-day period in July,…

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    5 Apps that should be in a smart phone

    In today’s world, ‘Apps’ are the most used word. Your smartphone has all necessary apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, twitter, messenger and many more but still some time comes when you don’t find a feature in your phone and you would think that this feature should be there. So here are some apps that could help you in your daily work. 1)  Smart tools Smart tools has some basic yet necessary options in it. It has compass, torch, leveler, a angle measuring device, vibration checker and a ruler 2) Google Goggles Google goggles is one app which is always their in my phone, it can scan qr code and barcode. Google…

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    Is Windows Phone really worth it?

    A question for the ages that every geek has at least asked himself once, Is the Windows Phone really worth it? I am quite uncertain myself though even I have a Windows Phone because some part of me loves it, some does not. The Windows Phone system is very different from Android but quite similar to iOS in ways like security, closed source etc. It has its own look which is very different from both the contenders though some love it and some don’t. If you ask me, I have no problem with the tile system except after pro-longed use, it looks very mainstream so you might want to change…

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    Asus Zenfone 4 vs Moto E – The game changers

    Before we start, this article is also an indirect review of both the Asus Zenfone 4 and Moto E. Who would have thought that the Moto E or G could be beaten provided the budget friendly price but it happened. Xiaomi took the limelight off from Moto G and put it on the Mi3 and now another contender, Asus has joined the battle. The company well known for it’s computer peripheral’s and components and has landed into the mobile world with their Asus Zenfone series and today we are gonna review Asus’s Moto E contender, the Asus Zenfone 4.       To start with, here’s a quick spec comparison…

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    Display Technology : A Small Overview

    There are several Technologies in Electronic Displays which changes by Time…. CRT  Monitors from 90’s have Been Replaced by LCDs in 2000’s Then by the improvements in LCDs had brought IPS-LCD and Super LCDs Then this Second Decade Started With LEDs and OLED Displays which Offered High-Definition Experience…. Let we see Some Of the Display Technologies which are in Practice… TFT-LCD  – Thin-Film Transistor liquid crystal display IPS LCD- In Plane Switching Liquid Crystal Display BRAVIA-(acronym) – Best Resolution Audio Visual Integrated Architecture. This Technoloy Comes Only with Sony Devices. It’s not a screen type so much as a suite of post-processing effects which can be turned on or off.…