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iPhone 4 Jailbreak-(Part I)

Are you still an iPhone 4 user who does not feel the need to change their phones yet (like me) or you just sold your mid-range android to buy an used iPhone 4, just to check out the whole Apple.Inc hype?
Either way, you already know that your little outdated but solid device will not be getting the iOS 8 update (it’s for your own good it tell you, if you don’t believe me check any iPhone 4S updated to iOS 8) Do you feel like you are bored with your phone? Nothing much to do with it left now?
Wait a minute then, have you ever heard about JAILBREAK?


Wikipedia defines jailbreaking as,”Jailbreaking is the process of removing limitations on iOS, Apple’s operating system on devices running it through the use of software and hardware exploits; such devices include the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and second-generation Apple TV.”
In simple terms jailbreak is a root (Android context) like exploit which allows you to sideload applications which are not available on the app stores and requires more access to your device than Apple actually allows.Apple believes that this apps requires more access to your device which makes your devices more vulnerable to threats like malwares.
Now, if that is the reason why do we even want to jailbreak then?

If you jailbreak your iPhone 4 there are a few things which you could do,
Use widgets in your notification center (like iOS 8)
Change the default browser (Safari is annoying in some cases)
Block ads (Do you need me to say anything more about it)
Rename apps
Better messaging experience
A lot of customization too.
To explain further, some screenshots are attached below.

Winterboard Theme #1
Winterboard Theme #1



By jailbreaking your iDevice you are knowingly strangling your Apple warranty to death.
Your device becomes more vulnerable to the bad world threats.
If you mess your jailbroken iPhone, do not expect the inspire Store people to be helpful at all.

But, According to me you are safe until you stick to a few rules,
Never download or sideload anything from sources other than Cydia ( not getting what I am talking about? Wait for the Part II to come out with the detail procedure to Jailbreak your 7.1.2 iPhone 4)

Disclaimer: I use two jailbroken iDevices, iPhone 4 and an iPad 2. That does not mean We are responsible if you mess up your device after or during the process.

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