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Xiaomi Mi4c vs LG Nexus 5X vs Moto X Play- The budget Comparison



This year was filled with multiple phone launches around the world. The most trending category of the phones bought was the budget category of around $300 – $350. Some of the best phones in this range are  Moto X play, Mi4c and LG Nexus 5X. So today we will compare these phones and check which one is better for you.

So we would be first telling you all the traits of the phone like Display, performance and then later we would be doing a spec showdown too.

Mi4c vs Nexus 5X vs Moto X play

Design and Built

All these phones come in the budget category so you won’t get a Metallic or glass finish. All these phones are made of plastic but are of good quality.

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The Xiaomi Mi4C is made up of a polycarbonate body and is single shell that means that you can’t remove the back cover similar to nexus 5X. The unibody design may look good to some while it won’t to some. I personally like the Uni-body design of Mi4c and Nexus 5x. However, I found that LG is using a better quality plastic in Nexus 5X than Xiaomi is using in Mi4c

Mi4c vs Nexus 5x


The Motorola Moto X play has 3 layers in the built, The first one being the plastic around the edges of the screen, The second one is the shiny plastic brim and the third one being the flat plastic cover which can be removed to insert the sim and the memory card. The Mi4c and the Nexus 5X has a sideways sim slot which can be ejected by inserting a pin.

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The Moto X play and the Nexus 5X  has front speakers while the Xiaomi Mi4c has rear speakers. All these phones have the volume rocker and the power button on the Right which is getting very common. In all these phones, only Mi4c has physical keys and the rest have On-Screen keys. The keys on the Mi4c are backlight so it should not create any problem also the physical buttons increases the view on the screen.

Overall In the build section, I would give the MotoX Play the point for the looks as well as the quality used, The second will be Nexus 5X followed by Xiaomi Mi4c.


The Moto X Play has a 5.5″ full HD display with a PPI of around 403, the Xiaomi Mi4c has a 5″ Full HD screen with a PPI of around 441 while the Nexus 5X has 5.2″  full HD Display with a PPI of 442. Although all these displays are full HD panels, but they have some differences.



The Xiaomi MI4c has a feature called sunlight display which increases the contrast and saturation whenever you get in sunlight which hence increases the visibility.  On the other side, the nexus 5X display is one of the few displays I have seen in this price range which are near to perfect. It is not oversaturated neither it is pale. The blacks are deeper and on the first sight it looks as if it has an AMOLED panel.

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Coming to the Moto X’s display, the 5.5″ display that comes about to 403 pixels per inch, makes it the least pixelated phone in these three phones. I would say the moto X play display is more than average but not near to the Nexus 5X. The contrast and the saturation are on the lower side and the black colour shifts to grey in certain angles.


All these phones are packed with snapdragon 64-bit processors. The Moto X play comes with a Snapdragon 615 2nd gen while the Mi4c and the Nexus 5X comes with snapdragon 808. The Nexus 5X and Moto X play has 2gigs of RAM while the Mi4c has a freaking 3GB RAM; Do note the Mi4c is the cheapest is all three.

Mi4c vs Nexus 5x vs Motorola Moto X Benchmarks

Mi4c vs Nexus 5x vs Motorola Moto X geekbench

As you can clearly see from the Benchmarks above, The Nexus 5X and the Mi4c is almost on the same level on Antutu while Moto X play is lagging behind with a slow processor. There is a substantial difference of the scores of Mi4c and the Nexus 5X in GeekBench3 as GeekBench3 is a GPU intensive benchmark and Mi4c is running the heavily skinned MIUI which takes up the resources.

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The results are as expected, Mi4c and Nexus 5X are very similar in performance while the Moto X Play lag behind a big time but when the prices of these devices are compared, we see Moto X shining as the Mi4c is not available everywhere and importing it brings up the cost so in a nutshell even Moto X did a good job for the price we are paying.


As said the Xiaomi Mi4c comes with a skinned version of Android called MIUI, It is based on the concept of customizability with beauty, unlike the cynogenMod, you get more animations and cinematic experience that gives users a feel of luxury. MIUI does not have any App drawer rather all the apps are displayed on the home screen itself, similar to other Chinese smartphones.

Mi4c vs Nexus 5x


Moto phones are known for Nexus-like experience with its almost stock Android If you are wondering what is it, Check out this guide from Android Central. The Moto X play comes with a couple of apps from Motorola like Moto Migrate, Moto Help and Assist( in some phones). Moto has also launched an app known “Moto” which manages all the actions like the AC display, shake for flash and twist for opening the camera.

Nothing can be better than the Nexus, The Nexus 5X comes with the original Android, i.e. the way it is meant to be, no addition so bloatware. Nexus 5X is the only device in this comparison which is running the latest version of Android, that is Android Marshmallow. Android marshmallow gives you features like “Now alert” by which you can search about something on the screen by just one press. You also get specific app permission editor which means that you can change specific permissions for an app.

Go ahead, Scan It!

I personally like the stock Android experience than any skinned Android, but MIUI is also a good choice, I have used Mi4 running MIUI 6 for more than 7 months and believe me, It is flawless. If I have to choose between all three of these, I will choose the OS in Moto X play as it brings up several features along with the stock Nexus feel.

Buy Nexus 5X

Spec comparison

SpecificationsXiaomi MI4cLG Nexus 5XMotorola Moto X Play
Display size5 inch5.2-inch5.5-inch
Display typeIPS-NEO LCD (in-cell) / Gorilla GlassIPS-NEO LCD (in-cell) / Gorilla GlassIPS-NEO LCD (in-cell) / Gorilla Glass
Resolution & ppi1920 x 1080 Pixels / 441 ppi1920 x 1080 Pixels / 423 ppi1920 x 1080 Pixels / 403 ppi
ProcessorSnapdragon 808Snapdragon 808Snapdragon 615
CPUDual-core Cortex-A57 and Quad-core Cortex-A53Dual-core Cortex-A57 and Quad-core Cortex-A53Quad-core Cortex a-53 And Quad-Core Cortex a-53
GPUAdreno 418Adreno 418Adreno 405
RAM2 GB (16GB) , 3 GB (32GB)2 GB2 GB
Internal storage16/32 GB16/32 GB16GB/ 23GB
Micro-SD card ExpensionNoNoYes
Operating SystemMIUIStock Android MarshmallowStock Android
OS versionAndroid 5.1 LollipopAndroid 6.0 marshmallow5.1.1 Lollipop, 6.0 soon
Rear Camera13 megapixel, Dual tone flash12.3 Megapixel, laser Autofocus, Dual LED21 megapixel, Dual tone LED
Video Recording1080p, 30 frames per second2160p at 30 frames per second1080p at 30fps
Front camera5-megapixels5-megapixels5 MP
Unique FeaturesUSB CUSB C, finger prnt scannertwist to launch camera, Splash-proof
ConnectivityBluetooth,WLAN, Quick charging 2.0, 3.5 mm jackBluetooth,WLAN, 3.5 mm jackBluetooth,WLAN, 3.5 mm jack, Micro-USB
Weight132 g136 g169 g
Battery3080 mAh, non removable2700mAh, non removable3630, non removable
ColorsWhite, Grey, Pink, Yellow, BlueCarbon, Quartz, IceBlack, white

So which of these phones will be yours? Let us know in the comment below



1MORE iBFree Bluetooth earphones review!



There was a time when you would have to shell out 10-12 thousand rupees to get a good pair of Bluetooth earphones. It 2018 now and the scenario has changed. Now, you can get unbranded bluetooth earphones from 700rs and upwards. I have tested a lot of Bluetooth earphones and almost all of them have some problem, it could be the battery life, standby time, ergonomics or just the sound quality. 1MORE is a popular brand based out of Shenzhen which has its market all over the globe. 1MORE is also known for the piston earphones they make for Xiaomi.

I have been listening to iBFree from 1MORE. Apart from the name, How good actually are these earplugs? Well, we will find that in this review!

Box Contents
In the box, you get following things-

  • Earphones
  • USB A – Micro-USB
  • 2 extra tips
  • 2 extra hooks

The unboxing experience of these was great, The quality and the design of the box is well thought off. However, India is a competitive market and most of the bluetooth earphones here come with a solid case which these lacks. If not a case, 1MORE could have included a pouch at least. Anyway, moving forward.

The earphones are made up of solid metal and are very well built. You can throw these around, drop them and even step on them, They will continue working. The design is exceptionally good as well and gives a premium look.  There is a rubber tube to provide support to the wire. The wire is also thick enough and can easily handle the normal wear and tear. According to the 1MORE website, these aren’t officially sweat proof but in my usage, they haven’t given me any problem while using them at the gym or in the rain. If not deliberately destroyed, These can easily last long.

iBFree are sports earphones and to ensure that these don’t fall out, 1MORE has provided ear hooks as well. And believe me when I say this, Once they are inside your ear, they are not going anywhere. The ear hook is tilted which might be the reason for such snug fit.

Talking about sound leaking, The design of the ear tips is such that, very minimal amount of sound gets leaked so If you have to wear these in subways/metro then rest assured, Your co-passenger won’t be hearing your songs :p. Also, If you do gym, then these will also reduce the outside noise in the gym if your gym plays their own songs, It won’t be a problem.

Talking about the sound quality, These are downright the clearest sounding earphones. The highs on this are a bliss to listen. You might have to tune the equaliser to get the best out of these. If you are into bass, then you might dislike these initially. Let them run for 4-5hours and they will burn-in into something incredible. For the size of these, They produce excellent sound.

The audio controls are on a small remote attached to the wire. The middle button is used to play and pause as well as to turn on and off the earphones. the right and left switch can be used to increase or decrease the volume and Next and the Previous song if you hold them for two seconds. The earphones come with MEMS microphone which eliminates the noise while you are on a call.

These come with Qualcomm aptx technology which ensures that there is no latency while you are playing songs or watching movies. This feature is only available on Android phones with Qualcomm processor.

These charge in less than 2 hours on a 2A charger and last for about 5-6hours is medium volume. Do note, that these are very loud and you will end up listing on the low volume.


If you are looking for bluetooth earphones for the gym or normal commute than these are best earphones to go for under 4,000INR. You get great battery life, Awesome sound and durable body.

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Stanley 12 in 1 multitool review!



I have been a tolls guy ever since I was a kid. I have had many tools with me and I have a sweet spot for a multitool. Having a multitool makes me feel like a boss. Some who can do a lot of things and is always ready. Initially, I had a good Victorinox multitool but being an outdoor guy, I wanted more. I wanted pliers which Victorinox only provided in the higher end models and that too a small one. So now, I went searching and I knew leatherman makes the ones I want but they have a hefty price tag. But the cheaper ones too could do the job. It was just that I couldn’t find it in India. I asked leatherman to send me across and the shipping+ customs made it too damn expensive. Soi got my hopes low and thanks to google for storing my every action and seeing that I was searching for multitools, It started giving me ads related to multitool. And it was there when I first saw the Stanley multitool. It has 0 reviews and seemed like it was just launched in the store. It was selling for 669Rs which I felt reasonable. So without any second thoughts, I bought it. Now I knew about Stanley and knew it made quality products but I really didn’t had high expectations for a such priced tool. So I have been using the tool from March, it has been around 9 months and have used the tool extensively. So today I will give you my review of this Multi-Tool. So let’s get started.

List of  useful tools

Now Stanley claims it has 12 tools. I would name the tools which I have used in the past 9 months the most.

  1. Pliers
  2. Knife
  3. Saw
  4. Philips head screwdriver
  5. Normal (-) screwdriver
  6. Bottle opener
  7. Can Opener
  8. File

Build Quality

Now, let’s us come to the build quality of the products. The quality seems fine for most use. The specific tools have a great quality, things like the knife, saw are hard and would not break unintentionally. I have even used the knife to dig some soil, a and it is still going well. The hinges/joints by which the tolls are connected to the main body is somewhat bad. THere are washers between the tools and after some use, the washers tend to bend which can cause some little movement/ rattle of the tools. For me, it has happened to the saw. Well, it has a small saw and if you are not an expert in cutting woods from the small saw, then you can expect the bending of washers. I have also used the knife quite a lot and there is no major bending of washers for the knife side. Well, it may be that the bending could be caused by mishandling. Still, even with the little rattle, It is 100% useable and in no way disturbs while cutting wood. Overall, THe quality is fine, I would give it a 7/10. You can drop it from 1m, 10 meters, or even 30 meters. It would not fall apart. It is built well.


The knife is of good quality but out of the box, It is not that sharp. If you would be using this knife while camping, then I would suggest you sharpen it. Out of the box, it is fine for small things like cutting the tape or cutting small fruits etc. You can not cut meat from it. You would have to sharpen it.


The pliers work fine and the user gets a pretty good grip as well. The pliers don’t get a spring action which is not a deal breaker for me but keep it noted. The pliers overall work fine and do the work well. It also has a wire cutter but that is the worst case, you can’t have it as your primary wire cutter. It is small and can hardly cut and rubber of the wires.


The saw works fine and has lasted for a while. Eventually, with use, the blade of the saw will get damage and after that time, it would be very difficult to cut the wood. I would suggest you carry a different saw and use this one as a last resort when you have no choice. It works well but it is small and it is not something which can cut anything you want.


I have used the multitool near water, have dropped in water, in the ocean and till now, there has been no rusting on it. THey have maybe galvanized it or what, but rest assured, It won’t get Rusted.

Final verdict

So, should you buy it? Absolutely. This is a tool which every man needs and should have it around them all times. It can get you out of some tough situations. So should it be your only go to tool for all your needs? Uhmm, No. You should have separate pliers, screwdrivers, saw in your toolbox. This should be used as an emergency choice when you don’t have your toolbox and still want to get the work done. DO NOT buy it as a replacement for a toolbox.

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Bluetooth Speakers

Logitech X100 Bluetooth Speaker Review!



Bluetooth speaker is nowadays one of the essential things one should carry with him around, You never know when you want to party or just chill with some songs in the background. There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers in the market but the Logitech X100 is one of the most popular ones. So today we would be reviewing the Logitech X100 and seeing why really is the X100 so popular.

Logitech X100 Review – The Best Bluetooth speakers you can buy!

Key Specifications

  • Power Rating (RMS): 3W
  • Driver Size: 1.5 in (38.1 mm)
  • Sound Pressure Level (SPL Max): >78dBC
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR): <-85dBr
  • Frequency Response: 132Hz – 20kHz
  • Battery Details: 750mAh; 3.7V

Design and Build

The Logitech X100 is pretty small and is approximately the size of a palm. As you can see from the image below of a small cricket ball, The speaker is not that big and can also fit in your pocket. The speaker is very light as well at just around 240g.

The Speaker is made up of plastic all around except the metallic mesh on the top. The plastic used is of high quality and is rubberized at some places to prevent it from sliding. I have dropped the speaker many times and there are no scuffs or any damage at all. The speaker is very sturdy and can withstand a good amount of beating. The X100 comes with a small ling as well by which you can also hang it in many places.

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Sound Quality

A Bluetooth speaker makes no sense if it does not produce good audio. There isn’t a good way to actually determine audio quality for you, So you would have to believe what I say. The audio quality of the speaker is phenomenal, The sound which this speaker produces for the size of it is just extraordinary. I have other Bluetooth speakers which are 3-4 times bigger than the size of this but they are not even near the sound this speaker produces.

There is enough bass, good treble and overall the audio is well adjusted. It can go very loud and in full volume, it can easily fill up a big room. It is the loudest speaker under 2,000Rs. I have tried many other speakers from brands like JBL, Le Tv etc and none is comparable to the loudness this Bluetooth speaker produces.

Battery Backup

The speaker will last for about 5 hours in 100% volume which however is too load and mostly you would be playing it on 50-60% volume in which It would easily last for 8-10 hours. THe charging time of the speaker is also very low of just 3 hours, Do note that charging time depends on the Voltage and ampere of the charger as well.


The Logitech X100 unline X50 comes with a microphone as well. THis is a simple microphone with no noise cancellation feature. The input range of the microphone is good and The other person on the phone can hear you even if the speaker is on the farthest corner of the room.


The Logitech X50 can be connected to an audio source by either Bluetooth or AUX cable. Most of the Bluetooth speakers don’t feature an AUX port, this speaker does which is of great help when connecting the speaker to your PC which doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity.

Final Verdict

Overall, The speaker is a steal deal for the price it is available, In fact, it is the best Bluetooth speaker you can buy for under Rs 2,000.

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