How to Get Redmi 1s from flipkart


So guys, today i am going to tell you about how to get redmi 1s as there is a big hype for Xiaomi products as they are good for our pocket. So Following are some tips which can make you buy Redmi 1s.


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1) Go to The mi store page at least 15 minutes before and don’t refresh the page at any cost.

2) When the time is near to 1 minute, Refresh your time zone from the right of the taskbar, this helps in the time fixing of flipkart as they are using our time as a backup. When i bought Mi3, Refreshing the time zone mae the time 3 secs further which later helped me to buy mi3.

3)Do not open any new tab from the same ID.

4) Better to create two ID, and book from both of them as there s a more big hype of Redmi 1s then mi3.

5)Once you have pressed the buy now button, do not refresh.

6) When your Order is confirmed, it is recomended to leave it in the cart, and Do the transaction after atleast 5-20 minutes.

7) Congratulations, most probabily you would have bought the phone.


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